St. Simeon's and St. Anna's Church

The St. Simeon’s and St. Anna’s Church on the corner of Mokhovaya and Belinsky streets was built in 1731-1734 to the design of architect Zemtsov.

In many ways it resembles the Peter and Paul Cathedral. Like Trezzini, Zemtsov placed the dominating bell tower over the western part of the building. The tower is also tiered and topped with a spire. But, as differing from the Peter and Paul Cathedral, the spire does not thrust skyward as impetuously, and all the lines of the church are more flowing and moderate.


In the St. Simeon’s and St. Anna’s Church the dominating role of the bell tower is not as pronounced, owing to the size of the cupola over the altar which Zemtsov made much larger than Trezzini’s.

It was in 1712 that Peter the Great built a church here in honor of his patron saint and his daughter Tsarina Anne. It was built of wood; but later Empress Anne who also wanted to celebrate that date, ordered to have a stone church built here. And so a stone church was built, this time to the design of the architect Zemtsoff. It was completed and blessed on January 27, 1734 in the presence of six archbishops 5 archimandrites, 4 ??archpriests, 6 hiero-monks, 10 priests, 3 arch-deacons, 12 hiero-deacons, 7 deacons and 92 singers. It was the first time we saw so many clerics gathered for a ceremony of this kind. The Empress herself was present at the ceremony, and the Metropolitan of Georgia officiated and blessed the new church. It was here that the Empress was particularly fond to pray and be before God.

St Petersburg Guide, Jean Bastin, 1874

For all that, the likeness between these two early eighteenth-century buildings is obvious.


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