Gatchina Palace Park

The Gatchina Palace Park, the largest park of Gatchina, is unique in that almost a quarter of its area is occupied by two lakes, White Lake and Silver Lake.

The Palace Park was developed in two main stages. In the times of Count Orlov (the original owner of Gatchina Palace), almost simultaneously with the construction of the Grand Palace, work began on the creation of an English landscape park. The park was designed by Antonio Rinaldi. Besides local pine trees, linden, oak, ash, maple, elm, larch, and silver willow trees were planted.

The second phase was carried out in 1783-1800 under the direction of Vincenzo Brenna. Brenna also designed the north-western part of the Palace Park ("Sylvia”). Artificial ponds were dug out at that time - Karpin pond, which is shaped like a pitcher, and the Admiralty Bucket, rectangular, octagonal, round and oval pools.

The northwestern part of the Palace Park, known as the "Sylvia" (from the Latin "silvia" - forest), has evolved into a separate landscaped park.

Saint Petersburg (Russian: Санкт-Петербург) is the second largest city in Russia. It is located on the Neva River at the head of the Gulf of Finland on the Baltic Sea. St Petersburg is often described as the most westernized city of Russia, as well as its cultural capital.It is the northernmost city in the world with a population of over one million.

Population: 5 197 114 (2015)
Founded : 1703
Time zone : UTC+4
Federal District : Northwest
Area code : (00 7) 812
Postal code : 190000-199406
Former name : Petrograd (1914-1924)
Former name : Leningrad (1924-1991)