Michelangelo - Crouching Boy

Michelangelo Crouching BoyThe great Renaissance artist, sculptor, architect and poet Michelangelo is represented in the Hermitage Museum by his Crouching Boy sculpture, which was originally intended for the tomb of the Medici, the rulers of Florence.

The figure is exceedingly expressive; though the head is bowed and the face hardly visible, the taut muscles of the body produce a striking impression of the great inner strength that enables one to withstand the pain.

Some scholars see here an allegory for the unborn soul, while others see the figure as a wounded soldier or a spirit of mourning. Yet others believe that this sculpture is a reflection of the depression suffered by many Florentine citizens during the years of the Spanish invasion.

To put it another way, the true meaning of this work remains a mystery to this day.

Michelangelo is believed to have created this masterpiece between the years of 1530 and 1533.

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