Lev Gumilev apartment-museum

The Lev Gumilev apartment-museum is located at Kolomenskaya Street, 1/15. The son of two famous Russian poets, Nikolai Gumilev and Anna Akhmatova, Lev went on to become famous in his own right. A brilliant scholar, he attributed the rise and fall of “ethnoses” on the Eurasian steppe to sunspots, and saw the Mongol invasion as no bad thing – unlike Jews, whom he termed a parasitic ethnos (which admirers excuse as an aberration of his final years, afflicted by Alzheimer’s). His Eurasian philosophy won many adherents in the perestroika era and is still esteemed by Kazakhstan’s president. The museum displays Gumilev’s flat as it was at his death in 1992, complete with a pack of the Belomor cigarettes (named after the White Sea Canal where he worked as a slave laborer) that he smoked incessantly.

Saint Petersburg (Russian: Санкт-Петербург) is the second largest city in Russia. It is located on the Neva River at the head of the Gulf of Finland on the Baltic Sea. St Petersburg is often described as the most westernized city of Russia, as well as its cultural capital.It is the northernmost city in the world with a population of over one million.

Population: 5 197 114 (2015)
Founded : 1703
Time zone : UTC+4
Federal District : Northwest
Area code : (00 7) 812
Postal code : 190000-199406
Former name : Petrograd (1914-1924)
Former name : Leningrad (1924-1991)