Тavrichesky Garden

The Tavrichesky Garden is a public garden in St. Petersburg and is one of its important historical landmarks. It was created in the late XVIII century by Gould by the Tauride Palace (hence the name of the garden). Nineteenth century oaks, larch and lime trees still grow there. The garden is mentioned in many literary works. Dmitri Shostakovich played here in a small theater.

The Winter Garden

Another famous element of the Tavrichesky Garden is the Winter Garden. The Winter Garden has been part of the Tavrichesky Garden for a couple hundred years now. This winter garden is considered to be the oldest and most popular greenhouses in St. Petersburg. Its construction began in 1782, along with the construction of the Tavrichesky Palace (the gift of Catherine the second to her favorite). The grandiose plan of architects and the Empress was to accommodate a Palm Grove under a glass dome. But that particular idea was doomed.

The [Tauride] palace is surrounded by a well laid out garden, the southern portion of which, the Tavricheski Sad, is occupied by a theatre, tea-rooms, and numerous shows, after the style of Earl's Court Exhibition.

A. Scott, Through Finland to St. Petersburg, 1911

The Greenhouse

Nevertheless, flowers took here, and in 1936 the greenhouse of the town of Pushkin was moved here. In the same year, the winter garden on the corner of  Shapelrny and  Potemkin streets acquired the status of the exhibition hall.

A Romantic Walk

These days it is a pleasure to take a leisurely walk in the garden and enjoy the romantic atmosphere created by the beautiful trails and repaired cast-iron bridges.

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