Yusupov Park and Garden

The Yusupov Park and Garden is a public park in Saint Petersburg popular with the young people for its cozy and romantic atmosphere. It is located in the very heart of the city at Sadovaya Street on the Fontanka Embankment.

Just a Bit of History

The wooden mansion of the Yusupov family at Sadovaya Street on the Fontanka Embankment is a fine specimen of the Baroque style in Saint Petersburg in the late 18th century. Legend has it that Nikolai Yusupov, the young son of Senator Boris Yusupov, brought a vast collection of fine art upon his return from France to Saint Petersburg. The huge collection needed a home, and it was specifically for this reason that a decision to build a palace at this site was made in 1793. According to the fashion dictates of the time, a landscaped garden was laid out in the courtyard. In the mid of the 19th century, the Yusupovs sold the house to the state, and the palace now housed the Communications Department. Nevertheless, the garden remained functional and was still splendid with beautiful fountains, greenhouses, and rare flowers.

The Yussupoff garden near the palace of Prince Yussupoff is the favorite rendezvous place for all those who live in the neighborhood. In winter skating rinks are set up on the ponds; parties are thrown where even the aristocracy does not disdain to take part.

Saint-Petersbourg, avec un supplément: Guide pratique, Fred Roessler


The palace underwent numerous repairs and reconstructions, and so did the garden too. It was remodeled in the manner of the English garden: a grotto with a stone arch was added, an artificial pond with four islets was made, a summer terrace was built, and a fine iron cast railing was put up by the Sadovaya Street. In 1863 the park was opened to the public. In the winter the ponds were converted to skating rinks, and first figure skating competitions were held here.

We have skated on the Neva and in the Yusupof Gardens, converted for the purpose into an Arctic arcadia.

Russian Pictures. Thomas Mitchell

 Why Should I Go There?

These days the Yusupov Park is a favorite hang-out spot for both locals and visitors alike, and is especially popular with the younger crowd: the benches in the shade of the willow trees, the ponds, the alleys - all converge to create an unforgettable romantic experience.


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