Peterhof Trick Fountains

Trick fountains occupy a special place among the 18th century Peterhof fountains. Nowhere else in the world can you find so many trick fountains as in the Peterhof parks, although at one time they were almost a compulsory feature of the formal garden. As well as the seat in Monplaisir, the trick fountains known as the Little Oak, the Fir Tree and the Umbrella are still working.

Walking round the park at the height of summer visitors suddenly see some beautiful tulips under a shady “oak tree”. They bend down to take a closer look, and jets of water suddenly shoot up at them from the flowers. They step back hurriedly under the oak tree, only to be greeted by further jets from the leaves and branches, which are made of hollow pipes. The visitors flee to two welcoming benches nearby, but jets of water shoot up from them too inscribing an arc, that gives them yet another soaking.

The Little Oak fountain was erected in 1735 in one of the basins of the Upper Park, then taken down and stored away from the middle of the 18th to the beginning of the 19th century. In 1802 it was erected in its present place.

Near the Little Oak are three “Fir Trees”. Their “branches”, skillfully made of pipes, send forth silvery jets like continuations.

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