Nicholas Roerich - The Himalayas; Glaciers

In 1928 Nicholas Roerich went to France via Italy and Switzerland. From France he sailed East, having made up his mind to realize a long-cherished dream—to make a tour of India and Central Asia. This unusual expedition lasted for five years. Roerich’s group crossed the Himalayas and carried on into some of the most inaccessible areas of Central Asia; in May 1926 the travelers crossed into the Soviet Union and made their way to Moscow. The following summer the travelers went to the Altai mountains, then through Siberia into Mongolia and further across the Gobi Desert, Tsaidam, Tibet, and back across the Himalayas to their starting point, the town of Darjeeling.

He painted over six hundred pictures of the Eastern Himalayas, which together constitute a beautiful epic poem on canvas. They include The Himalayas; Glaciers (1937) on display at the Russian Museum.


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